STRAMA: wycieczki jednodniowe z Zakopanego.


Weekend Trip to Lviv (Ukraine)

Wycieczka do LwowaLviv was one of the major Polish cities in the past. Three cultures were developing there, such as: Jewish, Ukrainian and Polish. That is why, we can feel there till today as if we were at our homes because at every step we can find a very close reference to our culture and science. The unique atmosphere makes the stay in Lviv highly recommended to everyone as it is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, were history and contemporaneity mix together to create a colourful mosaic.


TRIP schedule

The first day (Saturday)

00:01 a.m. Leaving Zakopane

about 10.30 a.m. Coming to Lviv – time for breakfast by your own, meeting with a tourist guide and sightseeing, including free time, about one hour on the Market Square.

  • The Lychakiv Cemetery and the Cemetery of Lviv Eaglets
  • The Armenian Cathedral
  • The Latin Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary
  • The Chapel of the Boim Family
  • The City Hall
  • The Market Square – the Old City
  • The Bernardine Monastery
  • Historical tenement houses on the Market Square
  • The Dormition Church
  • The Adam Mickiewicz Statue

03.30 p.m. Coming to a hotel – accommodation

04.45 p.m. Leaving a hotel

06.00 p.m. Performance in the Lviv Opera House or free time in the Old City

09.30 p.m. Return to a hotel

10.00 p.m. Supper in a hotel

The second day (Sunday)

08.00 a.m. Breakfast in a hotel

09.00 a.m. Leaving a hotel, meeting with a tourist guide and sightseeing, including about one hour as free time:

  • Visiting the Pidhirtsi Castle
  • Visiting the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra

about 01.30 p.m. Free time

about 05.00 p.m. Leaving Lviv

about 00.00 a.m. Scheduled return to Zakopane


TRIP description

Lychakiv Cemetery and Cemetery of Lviv Eaglets

Lychakiv CemeteryLychakiv CemeteryThe first part of our two-day trip to Lviv will involve visiting the Lychakiv Cemetery that belongs to one of the eldest necropolis in Europe. It is also a very important place for Poles as there are tombstones of numerous eminent and renowned for our country people of science, politics and culture. We will go to the Cemetery of the Lviv Defenders where there are tombstones of soldiers and adolescents who participated in the defence of Lviv and Eastern Lesser Poland.


Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in name of Solomiya Krushelnytska

Lviv OperaLviv Opera

During our trip we will invite you for performance to one of the most famous European opera houses. The Lviv Opera House is situated in the city centre and it is an important piece of architecture, painting and sculpture. While visiting, you will learn about its history, legends and numerous curiosities. We will take you for performance on the first day of our trip.


Market Square in Lviv

Market SquareMarket SquareThe second day of our trip we will start with the Market Square which, together with the entire Old City, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998. Around the Market Square there are four nineteenth-century fountains and numerous pieces of architecture, as well as tenement houses representing styles from Renaissance to Modernism.

Armenian Cathedral

Armenian CathedralArmenian CathedralWhile walking, we will see, among others, one of the eldest and most valuable monuments of Lviv – the Armenian Cathedral built by the Armenians who were granted with a district where they strived to create a substitute for their homeland. Among their day-to-day activities were especially trade and handicraft. The Cathedral was built in the 15th century on the area of the Armenian district.

Pidhirtsi Castle

Pidhirtsi CastlePidhirtsi CastleThe Castle was built in the first half of the 17th century for the Polish Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski. The complex consists of the Saint Joseph’s Church and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church, as well as surrounding castle gardens including terrace and landscape parts with a regular garden, situated between the Castle and the Church. While being in Pidhirtsi, it is worth mentioning that the "Deluge" ("Potop") by J. Hoffman was filmed there.


Price list:     Book online 

  •  567 zł (adults)
  •  557 zł (students/school)

The price includes:

  •  comfortable coach transport
  •  tour leader
  •  polish guide in Lviv (2 days)
  •  accommodation in the hotel (** or ***) - double room (or tripple room for families)
  •  supper (1st day)
  •  breakfast (2nd day)
  •  accident and medical expense insurance
  •  and small treat


The price doesn't include:

  •  one person room - added fee 50 zł
  •  entry to the visited places, about 50Hr
  •  Performance in the Lviv Opera House as an option, about 100 Hr


100 Hr = ok. 40 zł

NOTE: You are reminded to take your ID card or passport with you.

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